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Brewer – Position open until filled

Reports to Owners & Director of Brewery Operations

About KRBC

Kern River Brewing Company was established in Kernville in 2005. Currently operating two adjacent brewpubs with 7 bbl and 20 bbl brewhouses. Kernville is located at the southern edge of Sequoia National forest and is known as a place of adventure, offering a wide variety of outdoor activities. On any given
day, the outdoor enthusiast enjoys activities ranging from the excitement of whitewater rafting, kayaking, downhill skiing, horseback riding, windsurfing, water-skiing, mountain biking and climbing. If a more
relaxing day is preferred, people can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, sailing, antiquing, and bird watching or simply kicking back at the brewery and taking in the spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Job Description

Kern River Brewing Company is a small business that prides itself on producing the highest quality beer. Our brewers are involved and must be experienced in many aspects of the company including brewhouse, cellar, packaging and Quality Assurance operations. Candidates must have at least 1 year of professional brewing experience. Home brewing and experience or mixed culture fermentation
experience is a plus.

● Production of flagship and specialty beers to Kern River Brewing Company standards. This
includes being involved in every step from milling to packaging of beer.
● Cleaning all brewery vessels (Pub and Backyard) including brewhouse, fermenters, brite and
serving tanks.
● Cleaning kegs, plate heat exchangers, canning/bottling lines, brew hoses and fittings as well as, anything else needed to maintain a sanitary brewing environment.
● Maintain brew sheets, monitor fermentation, and manage inventory.
● Assist in Q.A. and yeast management.
● Must possess fundamental knowledge of plumbing and machinery mechanics/maintenance and
assist in troubleshooting brewery equipment.
● Must possess advanced knowledge of beer recipe formulation, fermentation, packaging and Q.A.
and use it constantly to improve brewery operations and the quality of beer being produced.
● Drive and initiative to keep a clean Brewhouse including sweeping, scrubbing floors and tanks,
foaming tanks and canning line, etc.
● Must be a team player and possess leadership and good communication skills.

● Represent KRBC at festivals, assist in customer relations and attend
marketing/promotional/charitable events
● Conduct brewery tours when necessary
● Operate company vehicles and forklifts to manage raw goods and finished beer
● Assist in managing brewery waste including spent grain, yeast, trub and wastewater

Based on experience
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