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Shuttle Bunny Double IPA

A Tribute To Shuttle Bunnies Everywhere.

On-Tap At The Backyard & The Pub

Shuttle Bunny Double IPA abv 8.5% | Brewed w/ 40% wheat, Amarillo & Eureka hops as a tribute to Shuttle Bunnies everywhere & the adventures they make possible!

What is a Shuttle Bunny? Well, it’s an endearing term for someone who drives boaters/bikers/hikers etc. to the start of their activity and then picks them up again at another location at the end of said activity; preferably with an ample supply of cold beer.

2017 CA State Fair Specialty IPA – Bronze 

Release Date

Style Double White IPA


ABV 8.5%

Hops Amarillo and Eureka


On-Tap Availability The Backyard & The Pub

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