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Lovely Kettle Sour

Tart, slightly sweet and we think rather, well... Lovely.

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Lovely Berliner Weisse abv 5.1% | Local legend has it that a Cherokee man named Lovely Rogers, a miner in the Kern River Valley, was chasing his runaway mule one day in the area that is now Wofford Heights.  He picked up a rock to throw at the stubborn beast and gold flecks caught his eye.  This lead to the Big Blue Mine and a new encampment, Rogersville, that soon became named Whiskey Flats and then, finally, Kernville.  Lovely, the beer, is kettle soured with Lactobacillus, fermented with California Ale yeast and then fruited with Raspberry.  Tart, slightly sweet and we think rather, well… Lovely.

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ABV 5.1%



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