Backyard Menu

Backyard Hours

Backyard Restaurant 

Summer hours 7 days a week starting Memorial Day weekend!

Friday – Sunday 11am – 9pm
Monday-Thursday 4pm – 9pm

Backyard Off-Season Hours August-May
Friday – Saturday 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 8pm



Bacon n’ Bleu Mac n’ Cheese
Macoroni • Aged White Cheddar Sauce • Blue Cheese Crumbles • Applewood Bacon Bits

Chili Mac n‘ Cheese
Macoroni  Aged White Cheddar Sauce • House Made Chili • Sharp Cheddar • Scallions

Veggie Mac n’ Cheese
Macoroni • Aged White Cheddar Sauce • Red Bell Pepper • Red Onion • Portobello Mushroom • Tomato • Potato Straws

House Made Chili
cup  or bowl+cheese bread

Nacho Style BBQ Pork Wedges
Pulled Pork • Housemade White Cheddar Sauce • Bacon • Red Onion • Scallions • Tomato • Potato Straws
served with housemade ranch and BBQ sauce (Make it GF, take away cheese sauce)

Nacho Style Class V Braised Beef Wedges
Braised Beef • Housemade White Cheddar Sauce • Bacon- Jalapeno Jam • Pickled Red Onion • Scallions • Tomato • Shaved Garlic • Potato Straws  (Make it GF, take away cheese sauce)

Harvest Bowl GF
Chickpeas • Red Bell Peper • Carrots • Pickled Red Onion • Tomato • Seasonal Greens • Basil Pesto • Served over warm mildly-spiced Quinoa and Brown Rice mix
Add pan seared chicken, portobello, or walnuts +3
(Make it vegan by subbing housemade balsamic for basil pesto)

Smoked Salmon Bowl GF
Smoked Salmon • Chickpeas • Red Bell Peper • Honey Whipped Goat Cheese • Pickled Red Onion • Seasonal Greens • Housemade Balsamic • Served over warm mildly-spiced Quinoa and Brown Rice mix

KRBC Flatbread
Provolone • Basil Pesto • Shaved Garlic • Tomatoes • Red Onion • Fresh Red pepper
Add pan seared Chicken Breast, Salami, Portobello, or Walnuts +3

Event Information

The Backyard is the perfect place for your private party of 30 – 150 people! Rental fee does apply. 

For scheduling and questions, contact or click here!

Beer To-Go

64oz KRBC Glass Growlers

32 oz KRBC Hydroflask – 64oz KRBC Hydroflask

Growler Beer Fills

22oz Bombers

12oz Can 6 pack


Yes! We fill other brewery’s growlers as long as the logo is covered!

Beer & Wine

KRBC Flagship Beers
Isabella Blonde, Sequoia Red, Just Outstanding IPA & Class V Stout

KRBC Seasonal Beers
(check out your table tent for KRBC Seasonals)

Sampler: Four 5oz samples of our flagship beers

Four 5oz samples of our seasonal beers
Add additional 5 oz seasonals to your sampler

Guest Beverages
Seasonal Cider, Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio & White Zinfandel



Cheesecake & Raspberry Drizzle

Salted Caramel Cookie Sundae

Hand Crafted KRBC Root Beer Float

Scoop of Ice Cream


12 & under

Mac n’ Cheese

Grilled Cheese with a side of strawberries

Hot Dog with a side of strawberries

Bacon & Cheddar Flatbread

Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich served with a side of strawberries

Kids Sides:  Salad • Strawberries • Applesauce


Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad
Pan Seared BBQ Chicken – Sharp Cheddar – Romaine – Tomato – Red Onion – Crispy Potato Straws – Scallions – House Made Ranch

Strawberry & Grilled Chicken Salad
Mixed Seasonal Greens – Honey Whipped Goat Cheese – Strawberries – Red Onion – Pan Seared Chicken Breast – House Balsamic Dressing – Toasted Flat Bread

Cobb Salad
Bleu Cheese Crumbles – Red Onion – Tomato – Avocado Mousse – Hardboiled Egg – Applewood Smoked Bacon – House Made Ranch – Your choice of beef or chicken – or Add Smoked Salmon

KRBC Salad
Mixed Seasonal Greens – Romaine – Tomato – Red Onion – Red Peppers – Carrots – Croutons – add grilled chicken +3

Specialty Drinks

Handcrafted KRBC Root Beer – Bottled Water – Apple Juice – 1% Milk – Chocolate Milk – V8 Splash berry – Ginger Beer


Pepsi – Diet Pepsi – Dr. Pepper – Sierra Mist – Lemonade – Raspberry Tea – Unsweetened Tea – Coffee – Hot Tea



Potato Wedges

Side Salad


Pickled Onions • Class V Stout Mustard • Housemade BBQ sauce • & Potato Straws on a Hoagie

Chili n’ Cheddar Bratwurst
Bratwurst topped with housemade Class V chili • Cheddar • fresh red onion

Applewood Smoked Bacon • Lettuce • Avocado Mousse • Tomato served on Toasted Sourdough
Add Pan Seared Chicken Breast +3

Backyard Dip
Rustic roll dipped in Class V Au Jus with choice of : Class V Braised Beef • Pan Seared Chicken Breast • Pulled Pork • or Portobello Mushroom • topped with Housemade White Cheddar Sauce and Pepperoncinis

BBQ Sandwich
Housemade BBQ sauce • Housemade Ranch • Tomato • Red Onion Served on a rustic roll with cchoice of : Class V Braised Beef • Pan Seared Chicken Breast • Pulled Pork • or Portobello Mushroom

Italian Sandwich
Salami • Capicola • Lettuce • Tomato • Red Onion • Pepperoncinis • Garlic Parmesan Aioli • housemade Balsamic Vinaigrette Served on a Rustic roll
*Served cold


Potato Wedges
-Lemon & Herb Seasoned and served with a side of Roasted Garlic Parmesan Aioli -GF
-Cheezy Wedges topped with our house-made aged white cheddar sauce
-Bacon, Garlic, Cheezy wedges
-Chili Cheese Wedges

Chicken Wings GF
Six chicken wings smothered with tangy buffalo sauce and a choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing

Meat n’ Cheese plate
Beer Brat Medallions • Salami • Capicola • Goat Cheese • Jalapeno Bacon Jam • Bleu Cheese Crumbles • Aged White Cheddar • Flatbread Points • Pickled Red Onions • Pepperoncinis

Two Hot Pretzels
Served with Class V Mustard
Optional add White Cheddar Sauce