About KRBC

The KRBC brings people back to the magnificent simplicities that life has to offer. From its beginnings, Kernville (the southern gateway to the Sequoia National Forest) has been a wild-west town.  Established as a mining settlement in the mid 1800’s and continuing as a ranching community through the 1900’s, Kernville remains a town of adventure, offering a wide variety of outdoor activities.  On any given day, the outdoor enthusiast enjoys activities ranging from the excitement of whitewater rafting, kayaking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, attending rodeos, windsurfing, water-skiing, mountain biking and climbing.  If a more relaxing day is preferred, people can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, sailing, antiquing, and bird watching or simply kicking back and taking in the spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Located at 13415 Sierra Highway, Kern River Brewing Company is in the heart of all these activities.

KRBC is Kernville’s first brewpub.  This makes KRBC much more than just a restaurant; it’s an attraction in itself.  According to the Kernville Chamber, on any given weekend the town of Kernville can easily swell to between 20-40 thousand people, all of whom are looking for entertainment and can find it at our establishment.  KRBC has received an overwhelming and enthusiastic response from both locals and visitors alike.  Approximately 15,000 people live in the Kern River Valley, 2,000 of those people make up the town of Kernville.  Keeping the names of the beer local, providing a simple yet diverse menu and having a comfortable place where “everybody knows your name”, Kern River Valley residents and visitors alike have found themselves at home.

Our Team


Rebecca Giddens

If you “Google” Rebecca, you will find a long list of kayaking

achievements:  2004 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2002 World

Champion, many time National Champion and U.S. Team

Member.  Spend some time with Rebecca and you’ll find that she

just wants to hang out in Kernville and go on adventures with her

friends.  One of the hardest workers anywhere, you may find her

in the kitchen, behind the bar, or hauling a 100 lb bag of barley in

the brewing area.  Stop by and chat with her sometime, just don’t

give her too much grief since she already has to put up with the

rest of the KRBC crew.

Eric Giddens, Ph.D.

Eric has an undergraduate degree in environmental biology from

Georgia Tech and a Ph. D. in Oceanography from the Scripps

Institution of Oceanography.  When he is not fulfilling his duties

as President of KRBC, such as mopping the floor and schlepping

kegs, you can most likely find him on the river.  Eric has been

paddling for as long as he can remember and has found the

perfect playground in the high Sierra Mountains.  He has traded

in his Olympic training regime for class V rapids and beer at the

take-out.  On days where the rivers are too low, keep an eye out

for him on the trails.


Tamera Dobbs


Brewery Operations Manager & Executive Assistant

Andrew Edquist


Sales Manager

Chelsea Kent


Restaurant General Manager

Jacob Halliwill


Kitchen Manager

Kelly Harris


Office Manager

Melissa Naujoks


Restaurant Manager

Megan Hall


Restaurant Manager


Brandon Berube


Head Brewer

Emily Kirkpatrick



Dan Ocampo


Quality Assurance Manager

Andrew Karle

Assistant Brewer

David Truelove

Packaging Assistant

Brian Mauer

Honey-do man.